The 1550 Venice Edition

Using funds provided by the WLU Research Office, a copy of this edition of the Manipulus was purchased in 2004 to be used in collating variants for the critical edition. The book was later donated to the WLU Library.

The Rouses (Preachers, p.182) pointed out that the anonymous editor of this 1550 edition introduced four changes that were perpetuated in all subsequent editions:

1) The title was changed from Manipulus florum to Flores omnium fere doctorum…. Subsequent editions would employ a variant on this title, most commonly Flores omnium pene doctorum….

2) Thomas' Preface (inc. "Abiit in agrum…") was replaced with a new letter to the reader (inc. "Typogryphus lectori candido salutem…").

3) A list of authors was added at the front of the volume.

4) The topics Christianus and Christus were moved from the end of the collection to the appropriate place among the topics beginning with 'C'.

In addition, the term used by Thomas to introduce the list of cross-references at the end of topics ("Vbi") was replaced with the phrase "Vide etiam in titulis"; this alteration was also perpetuated in subsequent editions.

The editor of this 1550 edition also removed the so-called "dummy entries" from the text itself, though they were retained in the list of topics which serves as a table of contents. These are topic headings without any quotations that Thomas included to refer readers to actual topics; for example, in the manuscripts and both of the incunable editions, between the end of Periculum and the beginning of Perseuerancia, the following reference is found: "Periuria ubi Iuramentum". Thus, Thomas indicates to readers that there is no lemma for perjury, but relevant quotations are found under the lemma on oath swearing.

Finally, the Venetian editor also deleted a number of quotations, some of which were repeated elsewhere in the original collection.

The most important aspect of the 1550 Venice edition was discovered during the edition project, which revealed a significant degree of editorial agency in the transmission of this text, as detailed on the webpage dedicated to this subject.