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La ringrazio e le faccio i miei complimenti per una edizione che mi è molto utile per individuare fonti della predicazione, dei volgarizzamenti  e dei testi devoti.

- Antonio Volpato, Ricercatore, Università degli Studi Roma Tre

The Manipulus project is a gem for researchers, students, and teachers, combining the best of modern technology with the medieval quest for knowledge and wisdom.

- Christopher Bellitto, Associate Professor of History, Kean University

Votre initiative de faire un Manipulus florum electronique est excellente. Ce projet permettra de faire progresser de nombreuses recherches et d'elargir les connaissances de plusieurs chercheurs.

- Jacqueline Hamesse, Professeur Emérité, Université Catholique de Louvain

A fascinating and educative resource, compelling in its authoritativeness. It is one of those web-resources that everyone needs to bookmark. My best thanks to Dr. Nighman and his students for 'grinding their grist sae sma'.

- Angus Graham, University of Sharjah, UAE / Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

As useful to students of the Western Middle Ages today as it was to preachers in the 14th century.

- Rega Wood, Research Professor in Philosophy, Stanford University

An excellent resource for people interested in medieval intellectual history. Its digital format is true to the work's original goal: to provide quick and easy access to great ideas. Many thanks!

- Julia Simms Holderness, Assistant Professor of French, Michigan State University

What a wonderful web resource! A real treasure trove, and incredibly useful.

- Jeffrey F. Hamburger, Professor of the History of Art & Architecture, Harvard University

L'éditeur a entrepris un patient et minutieux travail autour du Manipulus florum: un travail d'édition généreusement mis à la disposition de tous avec la création du site web, et un travail d'analyse avec plusieurs articles consacrés à ce florilège. Il permet de mettre en lumière la pratique de la prédication au début du XIVè siècle et de s'interroger sur la culture des prédicateur et le rôle des florilèges. Je l'en remercie très vivement: grâce à ces travaux, j'ai pu découvrir la présence du Manipulus dans les sermons que j'étudie.

- Christine Chevalier-Boyer, Université Lumière-Lyon 2

This website is a major contribution to the electronic presentation of university study in Paris in the late fourteenth century and preaching in the late Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. It is unique in offering an easily accessible text of one of the most important preaching aids produced in the fourteenth century, and it provides a view of the wealth of information.

- Richard Newhauser, Professor of English and Medieval Studies, Arizona State University

This is both an elegant and an important project. It is important because the Manipulus florum was influential, for several centuries, in a range of different intellectual spheres across Europe. It is elegant because the Manipulus florum was always centrally concerned with information retrieval, and an electronic edition brings a new intellectual perspective to a text which has already flourished both in manuscript and in print.

- Matthew Steggle, Lecturer in English, Sheffield Hallam University

I really like the way you present the text, the variants and the original reconstructed sources. It is extremely useful. Now, how many ways can you say "it is extremely useful"? It is really a model for an electronic edition.

- E.J. Richards, Professor of Romance Literatures, Bergische Universität Wuppertal.